About Me(re)

Hi Friends! I’m Meredith and I live in the suburbs of Chicago. (It’s as exciting as it sounds…) I’m 27 years young and engaged to a wonderful guy. He tolerates my “Ooops! I ate an entire bag of M&Ms and felt bad about myself, so I signed up for a half Ironman” moments and listens to my endless training chatter. Oh, and did I mention he proposed after the Chicago Marathon? Runner’s dream! I work in digital marketing, but that’s all you’ll hear about that. No room for work stresses in my happy corner of the internet!


I’m still a rookie amongst endurance athletes. I fell in love with running after crossing the finish line of the Hot Chocolate 5K four years ago. It took me 50 minutes to complete the race, but I haven’t slowed down since. Sprinkled throughout 5K, 10K, and half marathon races are some of my proudest moments:  3 marathons and 1 Olympic distance triathlon.


My first Olympic Distance tri, the Chicago Triathlon. Smiling through the nerves.

This summer, I plan to run another marathon (I’m hooked) and complete my first half Ironman, the Ironman 70.3 Racine! Through this blog, I’ll share training tips (from one newbie to another), silly stories and all of life’s little adventures in between.

Thanks for reading! XO

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