Current Love Affairs

Running seems like a pretty inexpensive sport, right? The only requirement is shoes (and if you’re the badass man on the lakefront path, you don’t even need those!) But somehow, like many of my fellow runners, I’ve become a product junkie. Yes, I absolutely need all 5 neon pink Under Armour shirts in my drawer. They make me run faster.

Here’s some of the gear I’ve been loving lately:

Shoes- Adidas Boost:  Before I began training for my first marathon, I wanted to find the perfect pair of shoes. I purchased and returned 4 pairs before being introduced to my new best friends. These shoes are light as a feather but still offer a decent amount of support. I purchased the Adidas Boost OGs (black with yellow trim). Thankfully, they grew in popularity and now come in pink. Ahem…


Fuel Belt- SPIbelt: These are inexpensive, expandable and seriously awesome. I hate when belts bounce around during runs, and I don’t experience much with this one. SPIbelts with waterproof lining are a few extra bucks, but I would recommend spending the money (if you’re human and sweat).

Fuel- Clif Bloks:  I’ve never been able to stomach GU, but I’ve found Clif Blocks to be a great alternative. Sometimes I sneak one before short runs because they ARE SO DELICIOUS.

Shorts- Marika:  I wish I could rock a pair of Nike Compression shorts like the pros, but I just end up with a giant wedgie. Marika is the only brand I’ve found that stay put my entire run.

GPS Watch- Garmin Forerunner 220:  I won’t bore you with all of the fancy features, but I love this pretty thang. The watch has a pacing function, which is crucial for me while out for a solo run. I’m all over the place without it.

I could blab on forever, but I thought I’d leave you with my top five favs. Any gear that you can’t live without?

Hope you had a great Tuesday. We’re nearly halfway through the week! XO

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