Training Talk Tuesday: Tri(in) on a Budget

Disclaimer:  This is going to be one of those do as I say, not as I did posts.

I saw this image the other day and had to laugh (in a holy crap, this is my life) sort of way.


Obviously, this somewhat undesirable trait translated to my new-found obsession with triathlon. There’s a laundry list of gear tied to the sport, and I wanted the best of everything. Ahem…I spent my entire tax return on a tri bike. Side note, I had never ridden a tri bike in my life. When I picked her up after being sized at Performance Bikes in Aurora, I asked the shop’s owner, “So how does this thing work?”. He thought I was joking. I also purchased a decent helmet, biking shoes, a pricey tri outfit, and so on. Fortunately, I fell in love with the sport and don’t envisioning this light turning off anytime soon. (Whew!) But for those interested in triathlon (that are less crazy than yours truly), here are some suggestions on where to spend and how to save:

The Swim

  • Splurge:  On a decent pair of goggles. These usually run for about $20-$30. I just purchased this fancy pair from TYR. Nothing says ‘I’m ready to dominate this race’ like a pair of multi-color goggles.


  • Save:  By renting your wetsuit, if necessary for your event. I made a game time decision and rented a wetsuit before my August triathlon (thanks, Chiberia). I was super pleased with Tri Wetsuit Rentals.

The Bike

  • Splurge:  On bike shorts for training rides. You guys, these will save your life (read:  butt). I found my favorite pair at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $40. Worth every penny.
  • Save:  By borrowing/renting a bike or using one you already own. I’m pretty sure a beach cruiser passed me during my first triathlon. Until you’re serious about the sport, I wouldn’t recommend buying a shiny new bike.

The Run

  • Splurge:  On a decent pair of running shoes. You only get one pair of feet, folks.
  • Save:  By repurposing one of your dri-fit tanks as your tri top. As long as your top is tight, it will do the trick. An $80 top isn’t necessary for one race.

Although I’ve spent all my money, I hope that I’ve helped you save some of yours. I will be accepting donations for helpful hints.  😉

Happy Tuesday! XO

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