Monday Motivation

Chicago winter and my Christmas cookie withdrawal have left me in such a funk. I can barely drag myself out from under the covers in the morning. Putting on a swimsuit and strutting my white bod around LA Fitness is nearly impossible. Yes, of course I wear goggles and a swim cap to up the sexy factor. Bundling up to run, while looking like Randy from A Christmas Story, doesn’t sound like much fun either. It’s a lose, lose situation. Anyone else been feeling this way lately?

Exhibit A

Last week, I gave myself a stern talking to. The motivated me told the lazy, cookie-eating me to get a grip and ditch the excuses, “It’s too cold to train. I’m too tired…” until forever.

Enter:  Endure It (an endurance club offering coaching and classes in Naperville). On a whim, I emailed Coach Sarah regarding Ironman training, and we had our first meeting this evening. She offered to conduct a custom bike fitting and invited me to attend a complimentary Computrainer class this weekend. Allow me to geek out for a sentence or two… The Computrainer is a machine that hooks to the rear wheel of your bike and stimulates the variables of an actual course. As you ride, you watch a screen in front of you that tracks your progress and the progress of others in the class. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition! If I’m alive after class on Saturday, I’ll share my thoughts.

After talking races with Sarah and the other coaches, I became all giddy about this summer’s events. It was exactly what I needed to get me back on track. Tomorrow’s gym bag is already packed.

Can I get an amen?!

Can I get an amen?

Thanks for reading! XO

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