The Yearly New Year’s Resolution

There’s one thing every January 1 has in common. It’s the day I declare, “I’m going to start my blog today!” Four years and 7 days later, here we are.

So what does one say in their first ever blog post? You guys, I have thought about this for years. I decided to keep it simple and share some weird facts about me, as well as my 2015 race plans.

  • I’m from a small town in IL. All my family (I’m talking grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) lived on the same street. I wouldn’t have it any other way!
  • I was a dancer from the time I could walk.
  • I love chocolate (and candy) way more than I should.
  • I’m terrified of spiders and tornadoes.
  • I was a cheerleader in college, but I couldn’t tell you a single thing about football.
  • My life and loved ones are in IL; otherwise, I would escape to warmer weather. Summer should be the only season.
  • I’ve completed 3 marathons and trained with CARA the past 2 summers. I adore my running group. More about them later.
  • I’m obsessed with sharks. My fiancé surprised me on vacation and scheduled a ‘swim with sharks’ outing. I shed a few “The shark is going to eat me” tears, then I sucked it up and held a shark. It’s one of my favorite memories.
  • I’m getting married in the summer of 2016

2015 Race Schedule (Thus far…)

  • Shamrock Shuffle, 3/29: Ahh, the race that the Running Gods created for us 45,000 runners. To me, it signifies the end of Chiberia and the beginning of a new race season. It’s usually a beautiful day (knock on wood), making it one of the best days of the year.
  • Ironman 70.3 Racine, 7/19: This will be my FIRST half Ironman and my third triathlon event. I rarely drive 56 miles in one day, so there’s that. I’ll keep you posted on all of my training adventures.
  • Naperville Sprint Triathlon, 8/2: This is a short, fun and extremely well organized race. If you’re interested in triathlon, I highly recommend it as a first race.
  • Chicago Marathon, 10/11 (Pending the lottery): I’m obsessed with this race. The energy, the crowds, the neighborhoods…I can’t get enough. There may come a day I get sick of the crazy production, but I don’t anticipate this being for another 10 – 100 years.

As I train for these races, I’ll share training updates and tips I learn the hard way along the way. Stay tuned for some hilarious wipeouts, interesting learnings and exciting successes.

Thanks for reading! XO

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